The history of Sabo S.A starts at 1984, with Dimitris Kiliaris – managing director at present-being at company’s helm. The company installs the first automation, designed in Sabo offices in Italy and produced in Sabo’s premises in Greece. One year, later the company manages to build the first kiln.

In 2000 the first oil burner is made and 6 years later gas burners have taken the large proportion in the Sabo’s production, starting from their first production installation in Slovakia. In the meantime, by 2005, the first robot has already been installed starting a new era of projects.
Sabo S.A is a vertically integrated company, able to construct a Turnkey factory, beginning from the R&D sector, the analysis of the soil to the design, construction and installation of all machinery needed in order to produce all kinds of bricks and tiles. The expert team of engineers and technicians has been able to offer excellent lifetime After Sales support services since 1993, when it was formed for XALKIS, and concequently it became the starting point for the beginning of a successful business course.

Sabo has to demonstrate a long list of loyal customers all over the years such as, Xalkis, BMSD, SACMI and Wienerberger which signed the 1st contract in 2005.

In 1990 Sabo S.A was assigned to build the 1st project in Algeria. Nowadays Sabo is not only the Leader in B&T factoring in Africa but has also expanded all over the world. The devotion in choosing the best raw materials, designing the most suitable solution for every customer and giving the quickest and most reliable support has resulted to a highly progressive geographical expansion. Today the 90% of company’s sales are exclusively in exports. East and Central Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, are active markets.




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