The project

1st phase:

  • 800 tons/day
  • Rapid dryer
  • 64 balancelles 6m x 1.1m wide
  • Setting machine with robots
  • 6 x 3 packets kiln car   2m high
  • 142.8m kiln
  • Unsetting machine with grippers for half packet

2nd phase: 
  • New rapid dryer with   60 balacelles

3rd phase:   
  • New kiln 130.2m
  • New unsetting machine with robots – packets with
  • strapping without pallet

Multiple size packets

The new packaging line is able to produce
many different size packets giving the flexibility
to the client to load quickly different size
trucks according to the customer’s demand.

B-8, B-12 and Platriere

Length Width Height
1200 1200 1000
1200 900 1000
900 900 1000
1200 1200 1200
1200 900 1200
900 900 1200


Length Width Height
960 960 1200


The completion of a dream with a superb production and exceptional quality

In 2009, Mr. Bayoud  Fethi contacted SABO S.A. not just with a wish to make a new brick factory but what he called his “dream” of many years.  He tried before to fulfill his dream but now the right moment had arrived. 

Not only a dreamer but being also an excellent businessman had calculated in the best possible way, every step his new company should take as to guarantee the fastest possible repayment of any credit in the shortest possible time.

His target was to build not only one but two kilns and two dryers during a tight nevertheless realistic period of time.

But to make all these possible he needed not just a company to construct the factory but a partner who could understand his needs and respect the time schedules and the production capacity. Having many years of experience in the brick industry, the owner had specific ideas for the project to come. 

After visiting SABO S.A., he found a partner that could really help him with all his needs.  Being thoughtful at first for the new technologies SABO S.A. wanted to introduce and a short period of negotiation, the project was ready to start.

Ideal Brique is the first factory in all-northern Africa that robots were installed. The most difficult task SABO S.A. had to face was the skepticism of the client for the use of robots.  Being the first one in Africa was also a bet for SABO S.A. that had to be won as to prove to all clients in the same region that only benefits would arrive from the use of robots. 

But not only the robots was something to be done for the first time.  A new rapid dryer with 64 balancelles of 6m x 1.1m, loaded with 3 rows of bricks instead of 2, for a capacity of 800 tons/day of fired brick was introduced.

The project was completed with the building of a traditional kiln of 142.8 m (34 kiln cars) using heavy oil as fuel, and an unsetting machine with 3 grippers which could unload half of the 2m packet every time. 

Traditional kiln only in the building materials used, as it is one of the most modern kilns in North Africa.  The use of 12 “SABO OMS 3/A” burners all with continuous combustion giving maximum capacity with minimum maintenance, the use of well dimensioned ventilators for the chimney, the recuperation of energy, the 3 rapid cooling systems and the 2 sets of recycling systems in the preparation zone of the kiln, not only ensured the best possible results for a well fired product for the whole height of the kiln car packet, but also an enormous production.  It is rather an achievement to be able to push every 7min and 30seconds and produce 1.140 tons/day from a kiln designed for an 800 tons production.  The use of robots ensured the stability of the packets on the kiln cars and their low consumption and simplicity in use, convinced the client even more that he took a good decision to trust SABO S.A. proposal.

Having as an example the first dryer and the result given by the robots on the setting machine, it was much easier to decide for the 2nd phase.  A new dryer and a new setting machine were ordered, this time with 60 balancelles because of the limited space.  The two dryers were working each 2 shifts per day with a longer cycle to continue with the same production rate.

The client then was ready to proceed with the 3rd phase of his project.  A second kiln with almost the same dimensions as the first one but with 3 kiln cars less and equipped exactly with the same philosophy, had made possible to double the production capacity of the factory, working now each dryer 3 shifts per day.

The third phase also included a new packaging line that would give another advantage to the client towards the market’s competition.  

The new packaging line is using two programming benches being loaded by two robots.  On top of each of these two programming benches SABO S.A. has also installed two horizontal strapping machines.  Then another two robots are piling the programmed layers in such a way to create a final packet with holes.  This packet can be easily handled with a forklift, without the use of any kind of palette. 

Then two metallic benches with special profiles, each one equipped with a vertical strapping machine, are producing the final strapped packet.  A two-headed gripper is handling these produced packets and transfers them to another metallic bench doubling at the same time these final packets, providing a stocking area before being taken with a forklift.

This double line gives a production of more than 1000 tons/day of fired bricks and is the biggest unsetting machine ever made in Tunisia.
SABO S.A. has not just achieved to deliver the best quality equipment, a significant production with an excellent brick, but has managed to fulfill a customers’ dream.




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