SABO Group, a family of companies, founded in 1984 in Greece and situated in a privately owned 25.000 m2 area in Vassiliko of Evia. Having specialized employees from multiple sectors of expertise, each member of the group concentrates in a specific area, creating vertical production lines for turnkey projects in several sectors (Brick & Tile, General Industry, Waste, Energy, Civil Works, etc.). The Group members operate independently but also act as one unit when the needs of their clients are such, thus creating synergies that ensure compatibility and maximum efficiency. SABO Group offers nothing less than the most superior quality in materials, equipment and human resources.



Is one of the main leading companies worldwide, in constructing Turnkey plants and machinery in the Brick and Tile Industry. Expertise, advanced technology quality in materials and production, punctuality and excellent service characterize us.  
Designs and constructs machinery for General Industry (cement, wood, bottling, packaging). Also, the company installs systems of movement and stocking of raw materials in Heavy Industry sector.
Study, Design, Manufacturing, Construction and Installation of waste treatment equipment, as well as of integrated waste management turnkey plants, according to our customers’ needs.




The company constructs and produces augers, dies, frames, cores, spare parts etc. for brick molding and heavy clay extrusion and takes over chrome plating and anti-wear coating.  
The company undertakes all civil works, steel and concrete constructions. Buildings, roads, marine works, landfills, tanks for all kinds of facilities.



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