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Obolsky Ceramic Plant - First Project in Belarus

SABO S.A. continues extending its geographical reach and enters strongly in Belarus market with its first project.
Among many competitors, our company won the tender for the reconstruction of the factory «Obolsky Ceramic Plant» in Vitebsk Region - Belarus. The line was old and outdated and the management decided to refurbish the dryer and its handling.  
SABO S.A. succeeded to conclude a contract with «Obolsky Ceramic Plant», after showing to the customer its high quality standards and the large experience in reconstruction and modernization of existing brick plants all over the world. 
The plant worked before with dry pressed method to produce ceramic bricks with serious compromises mainly in the capacity of the products. The main target of «Obolsky Ceramic Plant» was to change the existing system and start to produce ceramic bricks by extrusion method to reduce the cost of product and increase the capacity of the production line. Second target was to keep the possibility in the future to make ceramic bricks with dry pressed method when special orders were placed for pressed bricks, and maintain the ability to handle these products in the new dry side and dryer 
SABO SA successfully has commissioned this project on March 2016. The production line is able to produce a range of products like  1 NF solid brick, 1 NF perforated facing brick, 1,4 NF solid brick, 1,4 NF perforated facing brick, and 2 NF bricks. The capacity of the production line exceeded significantly the planned project in each of the product. 
Sabo studied a total reconstruction of the dryer without changing its civil structure, a fact that resulted in big savings in the investment of the project. Morever the loading and unloading of the dryer and the setting of the kiln car was implemented in a compact design with few and simple machines by utilizing in full the flexibility of the robots and new self-supporting dryer frames. All the important loadings and unloadings are performed with 3 Fanuc robots -700 kgr payload equipped with special grippers. In this way the machines were fitted to the available space and at the same time it is possible the whole area to be supervised only by a single person.
The dryer was designed to provide uniformly area in all parts of dryer. In addition it is automatically control by the modern control and regulation system that Sabo has developed for its dryers. All fans are on top and outside of dryer, easily accessible for maintenance.   


The reconstruction of the plant is consisting of: 

● New pre-cutter and side cutter with chamfering for facing bricks 
● Construction of new dryer cars 
● Loading & Unloading of dryer cars by new generation Robotic systems 
● Automatic movement of the dryer cars 
● Setting Machine for programming and positioning the bricks on kiln cars 
● Total reconstruction of the dryer (fans, gas generators, dryer cars, automatic regulation of the dryer etc.) 
● Entry, exit and intermediate transfer cars for the dryer 
● Automatic movement of the kiln cars

SABO > NEWS > Obolsky Ceramic Plant - First Project in Belarus


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